Important: Security Check Required

Filed July 26, 2008 at 8:40 am.

This is an urgent security notice from RyAnd Computing. All customers should follow these steps.

Recently a serious flaw in some basic internet services was discovered that can allow a malicious individual to redirect your usage of the internet. For example, you could type in hoping to get to your bank, but silently and without any indication to you, your username and password when you log in is being stolen despite being on a secure site, because you have had the connection redirected. While the fix has been available for some time, not all Internet providers have applied it, and there is now functional software to take advantage of the problem.

To test for this issue, click here and then click “Check My DNS.” If it says that your name server appears to be vulnerable, please call me at 920-471-1898 as soon as possible. Until I can come over and apply the work-around fix, do not shop online, access online banking, or input any other information that you would not want stolen. The fix itself is quick for me to apply, and if I installed a router for you and you have the access codes I gave you for it, I can do it in less than five minutes. It is, however, essential that you call and have me resolve this.

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